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Getting Started with MATHia: Student Guide

This guide provides students with all the information they need to get started with MATHia.

Accessing the software

Students will access MATHia X by logging in at  After login, the page will display the MATHia X button. Click this button to launch the software.

Home page

After logging in, students will be taken to the home page.

Launch Screen Highlights

  • The table of contents provides for easy navigation. Each module is represented by a “card.” Click on the card to see a list of the lessons in the module.  Click on a unit to see the lesson page and the list of workspaces in the module.
  • Information about student progress is shown right on the home page. Students can easily see how many lessons and workspaces they have finished. See that rocket at the side of the lesson? The percentage beside it shows how much of the lesson is completed, and updates every time students finish a workspace.


To get started, click the “Let’s Go!” button for the workspace you’d like to enter.

Each finished module has a green check mark beside it. Modules with work to complete will have a “Let’s Go!” button to click. Modules that do not have this button will be unlocked as you progress through the software.

After clicking “Let’s Go!” students will be taken into their workspace.

Workspace Highlights

  • The workspaces in the lesson are listed at the top right of the lesson page.   Students can see which workspaces have been completed, and what’s coming up.
  • The lesson page shows progress, too. All of the workspaces (sections) are listed at the upper right. Each completed workspace has a green check mark beside it. The current workspace says “Let’s Go!”, and the ones that haven’t been done yet are locked. See that rocket at the side of the lesson? The percentage beside it shows how much of the lesson is finished. It changes every time students finish a workspace.

Review the Lesson

  • Before clicking “Let’s Go!” students should be sure to review the lesson. It will help prepare for the questions to come.
  • Students should also review the Key Terms (Each one is clickable, and will allow students to view the glossary entry).
  • Students should also review the Skills You Will Learn section.

Once the student has reviewed the lesson content, just press one of the blue “Let’s Go!” buttons or the “Go to Workspace” button to start working.

Check for Understanding

The first workspace in each lesson will be a Check for Understanding. This will be a non-mastery section that asks some basic questions to ensure that students have read and understood the lesson.

Step-by-Step Examples

When students enter a workspace for the first time, they will be prompted to begin the step-by-step example.

The step-by-step example will walk students through the steps necessary to solve the problems in that workspace, including any tools that students will need. We recommend that students start with the step-by-step examples, but these examples are always available and can be reviewed at any time. 

Working Problems

MATHia has a number of built-in tools to assist students in working through problems:

Quick Help

Click the Quick Help icon in the top left to bring up an overlay of the problem that will offer suggestions for understanding and completing the problem.


Useful Tips!

  • To use the built-in calculator, simply type the desired calculation into the answer box (example: 8*8) and hit enter.
  • To type in a mixed number, type the whole number, then a space, then the fraction.

The Skillometer

  • The Skillometer® tracks each keystroke and movement by students to ensure each student achieves mastery before progressing to the next topic in the curriculum.
  • The Skillometer assesses multiple skills at one time and ensures that each student receives a sufficient number of practice math problems to achieve mastery before progressing to the next curriculum topic.
  • Students can click the arrow at the end of the Skill Progress bar to expand the Skillometer:


Skillometers in non-mastery sections

The skillometer is also present for non-mastery sections. Since these aren’t skill-driven, the meter serves as a progress bar to measure completion of steps and problems. When the student completes a step (within a problem), the number of steps increases. When you click the arrow, it shows the number of steps completed in the problem and the number of problems completed in the workspace.

In non-mastery sections, the skillometer looks like this:




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