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MyCL Account Support

This page is dedicated to supporting administrators, teachers, and students in maintaining their MyCL accounts. 

Student MyCL Account Support

Educator MyCL Account Support

Getting to know MyCL



Student MyCL Account Support


Students' First Time Signing In

This walkthrough shows the steps required for students to set their password in order to sign in to their MyCL account for the first time. You can also show this video to students!

Here are the steps students will use to sign in for the first time:

  1. Visit
  2. Select the Set Your Password button.
  3. Start typing the the name of the school, then select it from the list.
  4. Enter the username created in Teacher's Toolkit.
  5. Select the Next button.
  6. Enter and confirm a password, and then select Set Password.
  7. Students will be returned to the Sign In page to sign in to their MyCL account.
Resetting a Student's Password

This walkthough shows you how to reset a student's password in Teacher's Toolkit, as well as how to reset multiple students' passwords at once. The student will be required to create a new password for their MyCL account the next time that they sign in.


Educator MyCL Account Support

Creating Educator Accounts

We offer an invitation process on MyCL that will allow you to invite your colleagues to set up their account.

Invite Colleagues button on MyCL

If you do not have an account and did not receive a invitation, please reach out to your school's Carnegie Learning Implementation Lead and request that they sign in to MyCL and send you an invitation. You can even share this page with them so that they have the step-by-step instructions! 

Invite Colleagues homepage

Once you activate your MyCL account, you can also invite your colleagues to do the same. Once the activation process has been completed, you and your colleagues will be able to access all of your licensed products and resources (MATHia, Proto, Resource Center, Teacher's Toolkit) from the MyCL portal page.  

If your schools have coordinated roster synchronization (e.g. CLEVER) with Carnegie Learning, teacher and student MyCL accounts will be automatically created upon the next scheduled synchronizations.

Need more Educator MyCL account support? Check out the articles and videos linked below.

Inviting Your Colleagues to Set Up a MyCL Account

Do you need to help your colleague(s) sign up for their MyCL account? Read this article to watch a video and learn more.

Updating a MyCL Account to Include MATHia Supervisor-Level Access

Do you need to update your colleague's account to include supervisor-level access in MATHia? Read this article to watch the video and learn more.

Textbook-Only Implementations: Creating Student MyCL Accounts

Do you need to create student MyCL accounts so that your students can access eTexts on the Resource Center? Read this article to watch the video and learn more. 


MyCL Overview

MyCL is your Carnegie Learning home where you can access ALL licensed Carnegie Learning products and resources (MATHia, Proto, Resource Center, Teacher's Toolkit). Once you set your password for your MyCL account, you'll never again have to remember school IDs or different passwords!

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Last updated: 08/03/18