Use the step-by-step instructions, tips, and images below as your guide to inviting your colleagues to create their MyCL account!

How-to Video


Sending Invitations

Preview of the Invite Colleagues screen

Follow the instructions below to invite your colleagues to set up a MyCL account.

  1. Enter the email address and first and last names of the colleague(s) that you’d like to invite.
  2. Review and accept the Terms and Conditions.
  4. TIP! Don’t forget to create and save a PDF of the invitation summary to keep a record of colleagues you’ve already invited.
  5. Click MyCL to go back to your MyCL portal page.


Selecting a School

Users who have access to multiple schools will be asked to select the school to which they’d like to invite their colleagues to join. 

Preview of the Choose Institution screen

Understanding Instructor and Supervisor-level Accounts*

The table below outlines the differences between Instructor and Supervisor-level accounts.

  Supervisor Instructor
Create and modify classes X X
Create and modify students X X
Create and modify custom MATHia modules X X
View APLSE, Session, Student Detail, and Standards MATHia Reports X X
Can view own classes, students, and reports X X
View all classes and students within a school X  
Invite colleagues to activate a Supervisor-level account X  
Coming Fall 2017! View MATHia leadership reports X  
Can view other users classes, students and reports X  

*Please note that your role may vary from school to school.

Becoming a Supervisor-level User

Contact your school/district administrator if you're interested in becoming a Supervisor-level account holder. They will be able to update your account in Teacher's Toolkit. You can also read this article for more information and share it with your school/district administrator.