This section contains updates and important notices for Carnegie Learning customers. Please visit this page for updates that may impact the use of our software or content.

We encourage you to visit this page regularly to receive important updates, including system maintenance windows, Java release updates and software upgrades.

Summer Maintenance for Teacher’s Toolkit

This summer, Carnegie Learning will be cleaning up Teacher's Toolkit for schools that used Cognitive Tutor and MATHia during the previous school year. Please review this notice to learn what will happen and what you should do. Read More

Mozilla Firefox Updates: March 2017

Mozilla will release a new version of their Firefox browser in March 2017 which will impact Cognitive Tutor and MATHia users. Please read this notice to see what you should do. Read More

Activating Java in Firefox

Ongoing changes to Carnegie Learning servers may require Cognitive Tutor and MATHia users to reactivate the Java plugin for the Firefox browser. Please read this notice to see what you should do. Read More

Teacher’s Toolkit: End of Year Reports

At the end of the school year, after all students have finished using the Cognitive Tutor, Carnegie Learning will remove student and class data from Teacher's Toolkit. If schools wish to refer back to previous years' data, it is necessary to run end-of-year reports before this clean up takes place This document outlines the procedures that should be followed in order to complete this task. Read More

Teacher’s Toolkit: Instructor Clean Up

Instructors who will not be teaching Carnegie Learning classes in the upcoming year should be removed manually to reduce the risk of privacy concerns. Please follow these instructions to remove unneeded accounts. Read More