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Important Account Updates Just in Time for the New School Year!

Carnegie Learning has made some exciting changes this summer! All Carnegie Learning products and resources (MATHia, Resource Center, Teacher's Toolkit) are now accessible through the new MyCL portal. Once you set your password for your MyCL account, you'll never again have to remember school IDs or different passwords!

Important note: As part of our platform upgrade, all administrator, teacher, and student Resource Center, Teacher’s Toolkit, and MATHia accounts will be retired. New MyCL accounts must be established for all Carnegie Learning users.

The new sign in page

Introducing the MyCL portal page!

The MyCL portal page will be the central hub that provides you with access to all of your products and resources. 

Teacher and Administrator View of the MyCL portal page


Student View of the MyCL portal page


Educator Access Updates

You will receive an invitation email from Carnegie Learning requesting that you activate your MyCL account. Please reach out to your school's Carnegie Learning Implementation Lead if you have not received your email. They can also send you an invitation through the MyCL portal. Once you activate your MyCL account, you can also invite your colleagues to do the same. Once the activation process has been completed, you and your colleagues will be able to access all of your licensed products and resources (MATHia, Resource Center, Teacher's Toolkit) from the MyCL portal page.  

If your schools have coordinated roster synchronization (e.g. CLEVER) with Carnegie Learning, teacher and student MyCL accounts will be automatically created upon the next scheduled synchronizations.

Student Access Updates

Creating Student Accounts

Teachers Toolkit is the tool that teachers will use to create student accounts. Students are required to set their own password when signing in for the first time. 

Important note for Resource Center accounts: Student Access Codes are no longer required because student accounts will be created in Teacher's Toolkit. Learn more here.

Students' First Time Signing In

Here are the steps students will use to sign in for the first time:

  1. Visit
  2. Select the Set Your Password button.
  3. Start typing the the name of the school, then select it from the list.
  4. Enter the username created in Teacher's Toolkit.
  5. Select the Next button.
  6. Enter and confirm a password, and then select Set Password.
  7. Students will be returned to the Sign In page to sign in to their MyCL account.

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Last updated: 03/02/18