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Creating Classes & Student Accounts: Textbook-Only Implementations

This article is specifically for textbook-only users and will walk you through the steps required to create student MyCL accounts in order to access eText materials on the Resource Center.

Once you've created the student MyCL accounts in Teacher's Toolkit, students will need to set their own passwords when they sign in for the first time. Students can then launch directly into the Resource Center, where they can view and download the eText versions of their textbooks. 

Important Note: Student Access Codes are no longer required because student accounts will be created in Teacher's Toolkit.




1. Sign in to your MyCL account. (

2. From the MyCL portal page, launch into Teacher's Toolkit.

3. From the Teacher's Tookit home page, select Create New Class.

4. Check the eText/PDF box and select Continue.

5. Complete the Instructor, Class Name, Start Date, and End Date fields and select Continue

6. Check the course materials that need assigned to the class.

7. Select the method in which you'd like to add students to the class.

6. Once you've added students to the class, you will be presented with a view that displays all of the students that you've enrolled. You can also add additional students at this time if needed. Select Save & Finish.

7. You will be presented with a confirmation window, letting you know that your class has been saved. Selecting OK will redirect you to the Class Details page for the class.

8. Provide students with their usernames so that they can set their password, sign in, and view eText materials.


You can also assign eText materials to the class after the class has been created.

Click HERE to download instructions.


Setting Student Passwords

Students are required to set their passwords the first time that they sign in to their MyCL account. Here are the steps that they will follow:

1. From the MyCL sign in page, students will select Set Your Password. (

2. Students will type in the school name and the username that you created in Teacher's Toolkit and select NEXT. (Passwords must be a minimum of 6 characters and cannot be "password.")

3. Students will be prompted to type in and confirm their password and then select SET PASSWORD.

4. Once students have saved their new password, they will be redirected back to the MyCL sign in page where they will need to sign in using their username and new password. 

5. Once the students have signed in, they will be be taken to their MyCL portal page.


eText Access from the MyCL portal page

Clicking the Launch eText/PDF button will take the student to the courses's textbook page, where students can access and download eText versions of the textbooks. 

Last updated: 09/27/18